In the 1-day introductory class students will start a pine needle basket around a polished stone cabochon. The swirling stitch is taught with a unique method that lines up stitches on both sides of the basket, making the vessel attractive on the inside as well as the outside. Students also learn how to shape their basket and how to taper down and finish the final coil. The coiling method can later be used to weave other plant materials including sweetgrass, palm inflorescence and leaves from a wide variety of common plants.  Repeat students are invited to attend to learn more advanced techniques as time permits. Instructional fees vary according to facility.

May 5 

​Fallbrook School of the Arts

10 am - 4 pm

​Carlsbad Flower Fields

 April 29

9:30 am - 3:30 pm


The home workshops are kept small to provide a generous amount of individual instruction tailored to each student’s skill level and interest such as:  For beginners, learning how to coil a basket, or for more experienced students, shaping of vessels, novel starts such as walnut slices or other objects with holes, fancy stitches (wheat stitch, diamond stitch, fern stitch, inserting beads between coils using the mariposa stitch) handles, teneriffe, lidded vessels, sculptural techniques, and much more!

​Both beginners and experienced basketweavers are welcome in my home workshops.  Show 'n Share is a fun part of the workshop , so please bring anything you've woven to share with the group!


Classes at Nadine's Olivenhain home (Encinitas area) California

To enroll (760) 533-1000 or


May 12​

June 9

July 14

​August 11

10 am - 4 pm • $60
Basket Kits (if needed) $38.00

Nadine Spier

Fiber Artist